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Benefits of Burning Candles

Burning candles offer many benefits for a healthy mind, body, and home. Here are just a few:


Creating what Danish culture refers to as hygge, well-placed candles can soothe and help with relaxation of the mind and body. Aromatherapy candles such as lavender, lemon, or eucalyptus can each provide their own unique function to help you get through your day with your mind at ease.

Candles are also a stylish way to bring out the personality of any room in the house. Subtle colors in the bathroom to soften your Ultimate Home Spa, or bright colors for a more festive feel in the family dining room. Any way you choose to use your candles at home will always add to your unique decor.


Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, wedding or any other celebration, our line of candles make the perfect gift to brighten your special occasion. From our Summer Collection to our Fall Collection, we offer a variety for everyone to enjoy!


Our sense of smell is strongly tied with memory. Whether it’s the smell of our Clean Linen reminding you of Grandad and Grandma’s farm when you were a kid or the classic scent of Spiced Cranberry Rose getting you hyped for the holidays, our sense of smell ties us with our experiences, enhances our current lives, and also helps us remember those who have passed on.


Part of living a healthy lifestyle is self-care. Meditation while burning candles can be beneficial to your overall health by relaxing the mind and in turn relieving the body of stress.

Soy wax provides a healthier alternative to paraffin wax by decreasing soot and unhealthy toxic byproducts.


Keep that spark alive in your relationship with a little candlelight. Turn any dinner into a romantic candlelit moment. Always keep candles on your nightstands and when the mood strikes, turn up the heat. Nothing enhances the moment quite like some soft lighting and sensual smell.

Leave and comment below and tell us why you burn candles!

How to Setup the Ultimate Home Spa Day

Step One – Setting the Mood

Without even stepping foot in a day spa, you can turn your very own bathroom into the Ultimate Home Spa!

Taking time for yourself is important for a healthy mind and body. Grab a cozy robe, soft bath towels and washcloths, and put on a relaxing playlist. Treat yourself to some ice cold water with your favorite flavor addition and prepare to let your mind and body ease into serenity.

Engage your senses with dim lighting and your best candles. It sounds simple, but along with the warm bath water, calming music, and flavored water these add-ons can really up the satisfaction of your Ultimate Home Spa!

Step Two – Stock Up on Hot Towels

When giving yourself a facial you’ll want plenty of hot, slightly damp soft cotton towels. You can add to the experience by adding a few drops of essential lavender or eucalyptus oil.

Step Three – Setting the “Light” Mood

Light one of our Royal Sparrow Pillar Candles and dim the lights, or turn them off completely.
Some of the benefits of candles to your Ultimate Home Spa include setting the ambiance and adding a relaxing fragrance to continue engaging your senses.

Step Four – Draw a Bath

Without burning yourself, set up a hot bath water to soak in. Using epsom salt, bath bombs, or good ol’ bubble bath will add to your comfort and once again engage your senses.

Step Five – Sink and Soak

While relaxing and getting your soak on, treat your eyes with some fresh cucumber. Add your favorite facemask or grab your face massager and loosen up those sore face muscles. A sugar scrub or aromatherapy body wash can provide the optimum relaxation to your Ultimate Home Spa.

Step Seven – Unwind

After enjoying your soak in the tub, take time to unwind and dry off with your soft cotton towels, apply some lotion and trim your nails. Put on some comfy PJs or continue to relax in your soft robe.
End the Ultimate Home Spa Day off right with a good book or streaming your favorite bingeable show!

How to Properly Trim a Candle Wick

To maintain your candle’s quality it is recommended to trim the wick to an ⅛ inch every four hours of burn time using a few simple steps.

After extinguishing the flame and allowing it to cool to room temperature, first, using a rocking motion, place the bottom of your trimmer flush with the surface of the candle.

Next, cut the wick at a 45 degree angle(no need for a protractor, an estimate will do)to prevent the wick from being cut too short thus affecting the quality of the candle through an uneven burn.

By maintaining the wick to an ⅛ inch, you control the amount of wax to create an even burn. An even burn prevents larger amounts of soot that can muck up your candle’s quality and let’s face it, too much soot just doesn’t look nice. The quality of the wick can play a part in soot control as well.

Once the candle wax has about a ½ inch remaining at the bottom it’s time to discard the used candle. Doing so will help prevent heat damage to surfaces as the glass jar will heat up significantly without enough wax.

Once you’ve cut your wick, enjoy your candle safely, remembering to always burn candles away from drafts, other heat sources, and anything else flammable. Be sure to not leave burning candles unattended and well away from children and pets.

Follow these steps and you’ll be on your way to a comfortable candle-lit evening!

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